• Picture of April Moore, Assistant SuperintendentThe Educational Services division is committed to providing high quality services that support improved student achievement. The first step in achieving high levels of student performance is to expect that they can and will meet the challenging goals set by our Board of Education. To this end, the Educational Services division supports our school sites with a wide variety of services, programs, and resources. Of primary importance is the standards-based instructional program that builds on the skills and knowledge that each student brings to us. The instructional program is enhanced by the textbooks, instructional materials, assessments, technology, and other services and resources that support and assist students.

    The division is divided into the following major areas:

    • Curriculum and Professional Development
    • Assessment and Categorical Programs
    • Interventions
    • Special Education

    The mission of Educational Services is to orchestrate the work of many toward common goals that focus on a rigorous, rich, and relevant learning experience for the benefit of all students. While each area within the division has its own focus, on-going articulation with the staff in each department, as well as with the staff at school sites, provides a cohesive, uniform program that works across all of the areas within the division.

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Last Modified on August 8, 2017