• School Health Services

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    The mission of School Health Services is to provide exceptional health services to support every student's academic success. The School Health team includes a Credentialed School Nurse, Nurses and support staff. Partnering with parents and staff the health service team fosters growth, development and educational achievement of the students by promoting their health and well being.


    Our team of experienced nurses believes a student's health is integral to a child's success in school. Healthy students have better attendance, are more attentive, and perform better than a child struggling with health issues. The Health Services Team works hard to keep students healthy and in school.

    School Health Services Team

    District Credential School Nurse:

    Callie Escobedo RN BSN PHN
    PHONE 760.291.3007 |  FAX 760.291.3015
    • START Program 
    • IEP Health Reports
    • 504
    • Staff Training(Medical Conditions)
    • Medical Procedure Compliance
    • IHP

    School Health Services Staff:


      Student Health   Specialist

     Health Office Clerk

    • Escondido High School

    Lisa Courduff LVN
    PHONE: 760.291.4080
    FAX: 760.291.4027
    Anne Shelton
    PHONE: 760.291.4081
    • Orange Glen High School
    Leticia Gonzalez LVN
    PHONE: 760.291.5080
    FAX: 760.291.5017
    Cynthia Martinez
    PHONE: 760.291.5081
    • San Pasqual High School
    Caroline Bazarnik RN
    PHONE: 760.291.6080
    FAX: 760.291.6060
    Rebecca Christensen
    PHONE: 760.291.6081 
    • Del Lago Academy
    • Valley High School (Mon & Wed 8-12pm)
    Marylou Villasenor RN 
    PHONE: 760.291.2581
    VHS PHONE: x 2253