• CAST Training Test Launched

    The CAST training test is now available on the CAASPP Portal Online Practice and Training Tests Web page. To gain access to the CAST training test, select grade five or eight or high school, as this training test includes items for all grade levels assessed. Advance through the test by selecting the next button to reach the grade you are interested in reviewing.
    Training test items include, for grade five, a performance task with eight items; for grade eight, five discreet items; and for high school, a performance task with seven items. Items for grade five and high school represent examples of performance tasks that, once the CAST is operational, would be presented in Segment B. The discrete items for grade eight would be presented in Segment A of the operational CAST.
    A scoring guide for the CAST training test will be posted soon on the CAASPP Portal Test Administrator and Test Examiner Resources of the Online Practice and Training Tests Web page. The guide will provide information on alignment with the California Next Generation Science Standards, correct answers, and sample responses for constructed response items.

    CAASPP Testing

    Learn more about the new state testing program by watching the video, 'Understanding Your Child's Score Report'. The video below, produced by the California Department of Education, describes and explains the new 2015 CAASPP Student Score Report. 

    Overview & Sample Questions:

    • Parent Guide to the Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments: English/Spanish (PDF)

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